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Mark Tsigounis was born and raised in New Jersey. There he fell in love with the Kittatinny Mountains and the famous barrier islands that litter the coastline. This passion served as kindling which fuels his service of the outdoor community today. Mark is the CEO and Founder of Hibear, where they innovate outdoor products through thoughtful design and serve an environmental mission to help eliminate single-use plastic. Their first product has been called the Swiss Army Knife of insulated bottles. They call it the All-Day Adventure Flask.
Mark has a deep love for travel and adventure. He loves hugs, trees, hugging trees, is an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, two-time Ironman, ultra runner, and Navy Veteran. He lives to inspire a lifetime of experience and fuel adventure through smart design. Because life's just better outside with friends and coffee. When he is not getting lost in the woods, he is romancing his wife and son at home in Truckee, California with his subpar guitar skills.


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