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Our conventional approach to the use of the legal system is undergoing a wholesale makeover where the best methods of obtaining efficient and lasting resolution of disputes are now routinely accomplished in the context of mediation, arbitration, or a combination of the two. This phenomenon demonstrates that we are moving towards a more intelligent and predictable system of justice – and one that is no longer endlessly shackled to the archaic procedures of civil litigation, often dictated by rules that differ from county to county, with a minefield of state and local deadlines and time traps, opportunity for gamesmanship in the discovery and pretrial motion phases, disruption and delay of scheduling, and, often important decisions are left to fact finders who may not have sufficient familiarity with the subject matter of the issues at hand, leading to lack of trust and confidence in the process. Jim Simon engages each new assignment as an opportunity to quickly discover the best approach that might be used to facilitate a deal between parties, then adapts his skillset during the process, identifying the material elements of a settlement.